Swiss Pure Group secures leadership position in European cannabis market with majority investments

Press Release: 20. May. 2022

With the majority acquisition of specialized Swiss cannabis companies, Pure Group now reaches sales of approximately CHF 30 million. The acquisitions strengthen the company's positioning in the upcoming Swiss cannabis medicinal market as well as in the opening recreational markets in Germany and Switzerland.

Swiss cannabis company Pure Holding AG acquires a majority stake in specialized Swiss cannabis companies’ black
storm and greenLee. This brings Pure Group’s annual sales to a new CHF 30 million, making it one of the largest
and most important cannabis companies in Europe in this prospering market. With their specializations, the two
companies ideally complement the Pure Group’s chosen expansion strategy. “The expertise gained by the two
companies gives us strategic advantages in the domestic as well as the European market in production, product
development and wholesale, which we intend to fully make the most of in the emerging markets in the near future,”
says Stevens Senn, CEO of Pure Group.

Black storm specializes in the extraction, processing, and product development of innovative cannabis products.
GreenLee has established a strong position in the European market for wholesale cannabis flowers. Both
companies will continue to operate with their experienced teams at their current locations in Otelfingen and
Zweidlen (ZH). Pures’ involvement aims to leverage synergies and expand its network across the board. “The
merger with Pure Group is a great opportunity that will enable us to achieve continuous and stable growth,” says
Lee Rosa, founder and owner of greenLee. Roland Jeker, founder of black storm, also sees great potential in the
acquisition: “The joint path combines our individual strengths, which are needed to succeed in the international

black storm
The Swiss company specializes in the production, processing and product development of innovative extracts and
cannabis products. Using technology developed in-house, black storm is able to process up to two tons of biomass
per day. The company has a modern product laboratory and offers distillate, crude oil and isolate of the highest
Swiss quality, among other products.

Since 2017, greenLee has been dedicated to the wholesale of cannabis flowers. Established market knowledge and
high-quality products are what sets greenLee apart. The company is based on its own farm in Zweidlen and stands
for a natural, sustainable, and fair cannabis market from the producer to the end consumer.

Pure Holding AG
The cannabis pioneer started in the Swiss cannabis market in 2016 and established itself over the last years with
meanwhile seven subsidiaries in the national as well as international cannabis market in the fields of research &
breeding, cultivation, processing, and trade with the focus on: Cannabis genetics, tobacco substitutes, lifestyle,
recreational use as well as medical cannabis. Thus, Pure Group covers the entire value chain of the cannabis
industry, enabling it to respond quickly and agilely to market needs.