Our Products

From genetics to the final product. We take pride in our product offering, growing high end cannabis in- and outdoor, dedicating ourselves to providing premium cannabis products for retail as well as private label customers. Finally, our vast distribution network allows us to meet the many requirements and expectations of our international customers.

Cannabis Genetics

We breed innovative varieties using our scientific approach based on the largest genomic database. We’ve decoded the world’s first cannabis pan genome, allowing ourselves to breed based on the DNA. This controls all characteristics and properties, such as taste, disease resistance, flower size and yield. This is the basis for all our actions. 

Visit Puregene to learn more about our extensive offering for breeders, farmers and pharma customers.

Raw Material & Bulk

Cannabis derived products have been our specialty from the very beginning. We produce high quality CBD products in Switzerland, such as extract, flower and cosmetics in bulk. Our CBD is exclusively crafted, analyzed and processed in the heart of Europe. Whatever product or application you are searching for, we have the adequate solution.

White Label

The majority of today’s CBD market consists of white label brands. Pure Production AG has an array of white label CBD and CBG products it offers for white labeling. Our role is to provide high-quality products from Switzerland. You decide on your brand and message. Grow your business with complete autonomy and set your own price.

Cannabis Tobacco Substitutes

Our tobacco substitute brands are market leaders and available in over 4'000 points of sale in Switzerland and abroad. We are geared for wholesale trade and guarantee constant availability. Our in-house laboratory provides the quality control framework, by monitoring cannabinoid levels within the production line and end products. Visit Pure Production AG to learn more about our tobacco substitutes.

Pure Cannabis Products

Our Pure Product Line incorporates all the know-how of our leading cannabis research. It unleashes the full potential of the cannabis plant, with high-quality CBD cosmetics, oils, food and flowers. In addition, all of our products have an independent legal opinion and have undergone a Product Compliance Check.