Advancing Cannabis – that’s what we do. Together, combining expertise with technology and enhancing production based on science.

Our Mission

We intend to permanently change the cannabis landscape in Europe and worldwide.

At Pure Holding AG we strive for perfection in genomic cannabis breeding, cultivation, processing and distribution. Our aspiration is to regulate, innovate and establish cannabis as a respectable crop, while building trust for Switzerland’s top cannabis company.

Our Core Businesses

Improving cannabis with every step we take while maintaining quality from Switzerland.

Pure Holding is cannabis in all its glory. Our core business is to improve the safety of cannabis production, support farmers and breeders with technologies for the further evolution and protection of their cannabis crops and provide our stakeholders with the best quality product – from seed to final product.

Research & Development

Pure Holding dedicates a tremendous amount of focus and capacity towards research and development. Its subsidiaries are driven by state-of-the-art breeding technologies and continuing innovation in breeding, in trait discovery, in crop protection and finally innovation in production.


Cultivation and production are in our DNA. Consistently delivering quality and expertise is a promise. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to provide our stakeholders with a wide range of products, from various market segments, while constantly optimizing our value and supply chain.


Pure Holding AG has continuously adapted to the increasing demand and expanded its worldwide distribution network, meeting the requirements and expectations of local and foreign customs on a daily basis. This strategically positions us to react accordingly to any political changes that my occur.

Breeding Progress

Explaining Puregene AG

We are investing into the future of cannabis and Puregene AG is a result of that exact investment; a joint academic effort on molecular breeding between Pure Holding AG and the ETH-Zürich, Europe‘s highest ranking research university.
We are committed to improve cannabis genetics in the long-term for a positive future of this industry, innovating and developing what customers need and want.

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