Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission at Pure Holding AG is to educate and improve the perception of cannabis in Switzerland and across the globe. The vast potential of cannabis should be common knowledge and we play a vital role. We are committed to taking responsibility for a clear regulation of cannabis, while communicating the risks as well as encouraging global access, outreach and perception. Our mission is supported in our engagement with local regulators and partners around the world.

Corporate Compliance

As industry leader in Switzerland, Pure Holding AG understands its role to operate ethically and in complete compliance with standards and Swiss and international regulations. Not only our business success, but also the success of the entire industry is dependent on us upholding the highest standards of business and professional conduct. To guarantee Pure Holding AG's compliance, we implemented a Pure Code of Conduct, which frames each employees requirement to uphold ethical standards and it also outlines how we as a company strive to achieve a common goal of providing everyone with the facts on how valuable cannabis is for the future of mankind.


At Pure Holding AG, we are dedicated in developing and following best-practices and complying with international environmental standards. We are constantly working on improving our environmental footprint in the countries we operate and with the partners we exchange business practices.

Association IG Hanf

We are actively involved in Switzerland's first established industry association IG Hanf, where we are engaged as a Founding & Executive Board Member.

IG Hanf represents and supports the association members and the industry itself and acts as an interface to authorities and offices. The IG Hanf is committed to the further professionalization of the industry, sets standards and helps its members to fulfill them. Another core task of the IG Hanf is the sensitization of the population around the topic Cannabis, including its big range of advantages and utilizations.