Press release – Puregene AG launches North American expansion

Press Release: 16. Nov. 2021


Toronto, ON, November 16th, 2021 – Puregene AG, a world leading, and next-generation Swiss plant breeding company is pleased to announce that Dr Gavin George, Co-founder and Director of Research and Intellectual Property will present at the Lift & Co annual cannabis business conference in Toronto, Ontario, on November 18th, 2021. The conference will also mark the official expansion of the company’s new world technology and breeding platform to North America.

This leap is the culmination of over three years of rigorous scientific development, coupled with real world validation. Through this experience, Puregene AG is the agricultural technology company to offer, within prescribed conditions, a guarantee that the end-product of our partner companies will be within a targeted THC range and yield.

Puregene AG’s proprietary approach was built as a solution to a problem – variable yields and uneven THC levels between harvests”, said Dr Gavin George, Co-founder of Puregene AG and Director of Research and Intellectual Property. “We know that in Canada and in North America in general, consumers and retailers are looking for a consistent experience with every gram they buy. Our advanced variety development program is designed, tested and validated to provide this consistency and constant improvement”, added Dr George.

Working with selected partner producers, Puregene AG will optimize genetics, operating procedures, and associated cultivation activities to build, trait by trait, varieties that are ideally suited for optimum growth within any cultivation modality – be it indoor, outdoor or greenhouse. This will offer leaders within the cannabis sector greater ability to consistently bring to market the differentiated products that consumers demand.

Company CEO and Board Chair Stevens Senn first envisioned the Puregene AG technology platform three years ago, when Canada became the first G-8 country to legalize adult use recreational cannabis.  Understanding the legislative framework prohibited most forms of direct marketing, he and his team foresaw that within an increasingly competitive market, brand building and growth would be contingent on the fulfillment of a specific value proposition.

A brand is a commitment. It is a promise to consumers that every time they purchase a specific strain, its quality and terpene profile will be consistent”, said Steven Senns CEO and Board Chair. “We knew achieving this on an industrial scale for national markets would be a massive challenge. Anticipating this, our scientific team spent three years, millions of dollars and incredible effort to build a comprehensive solution. Now we are ready to offer this innovative technology solution to future market leaders on the North American hemisphere”, added Senn.

Puregene AG has been able to develop this world leading system by adopting a meticulous science-based approach. Harnessing advanced artificial intelligence and building upon partnerships with leading universities and governments, we are the first company to fully map the cannabis super pan genome. This led to refinement of our trait-based cultivation system that can fast track consistent and unique Non-GMO variety production at a level of bespoke detail never seen before.

About Puregene AG:

Puregene is a genomics-based agtech plant breeding company that combines Swiss quality as well as cannabis expertise with state-of-the-art breeding technologies. We are determined to revolutionize cannabis breeding and to access its full potential, by including science-based, cutting edge research, as is the case with major crops, such as soy, corn, rice and wheat.

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