“Hightech-Hanf: Der revolutionäre legale Cannabis-Produzent”

🥦 🔬Pioneering Legal Cannabis Production: “Hightech-Hanf: Der revolutionäre legale Cannabis-Produzent”

We’re thrilled to share that Pure has been highlighted in Plattform Jungfrau Zeitung’s in-depth series on the groundbreaking cannabis pilot study inBern! 🚀 In the third installment, Marc Brüngger, our Head of Innovation & Regulation at Pure Production AG, delves into our extensive work behind the Bern study and our vision for the future of cannabis.

Located in Zeiningen, our state-of-the-art facility covers over 23,000 square meters, where we conduct advanced research and cultivation, including the cannabis strains used in the Bern, Basel, and Zurich pilot studies. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and regulatory compliance is unwavering as we strive to shape the future of cannabis policy, economy, and society.

Key Highlights:

•   Pure’s pioneering role as the first company in Switzerland authorized to produce THC-containing cannabis for pilot studies.
•   Our comprehensive approach from genetics research to production and distribution, all under the Pure Holding AG umbrella.
•   The importance of collaboration with authorities to ensure high standards of quality and consumer safety.
•   Marc Brüngger’s insights on the stringent requirements and challenges of producing study-grade cannabis.

We invite you to read the full article and watch the video, to learn more about our journey and the impact we’re making in the cannabis industry – (in German): https://www.plattformj.ch/artikel/219900/

Together, we’re not just cultivating cannabis – we’re cultivating change. 🌱✨

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