Research & Development

Cannabis Biotech

Puregene AG is a pioneer in breeding modern cannabis varieties. The company has developed a world-leading breeding program based on molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and genomic sciences. Puregene AG combines Swiss quality and cannabis expertise with state-of-the-art breeding technologies.

The basis of our actions is our extensive knowledge of the cannabis plant’s DNA. In fact, we have deciphered the cannabis industry’s first fully phased super-pangenome. Puregene offers three types of products – trait licensing, tailor-made varieties and elite varieties. These products offer you the latest innovations including novel cannabinoids, best yields to give you the competitive edge you need in this dynamic market. In addition, Puregene’s products are equipped with unique IP protection.

In July 2019, Puregene AG submitted a request for an exemption permit to research on THC-containing cannabis to the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). The objective is to significantly expand the existing variety garden. With the authorization received in spring 2020, from the FOPH, Puregene AG now has the largest THC research permit in Europe, allowing it to import thousands of seeds containing THC into Switzerland and to conduct strictly controlled research and breeding with 50 different THC varieties.

Production Research

In spring 2020, Pure Production AG received an narcotic exemption permit for the “outdoor cultivation of THC cannabis under the rules of organic farming” from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Fulfilling the criteria of the Federal Organic Regulation, several hundred different THC varieties are cultivated on a secured area of half a hectare. Variety evaluation trials are carried out to create a variety data basis to support the execution of the cannabis pilot projects and the FOPH legislative work.